Digital Dentistry
Digital Competence

Digital technologies are increasingly influencing the production of dental prostheses. Thinking in these digital workflow scenarios is the maxim of my consultation. Benefit from the flexible use of professional creativity and knowledge-intensive expertise. For me, digital dentistry is more than just a buzzword. My aim is to realize integrated, efficient digital process chains.

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Overview of Services:

Comprehensive Support

Digital transformation means that dental practices, dental labs and the dental industry must develop new concepts and strategies in technology, integration, infrastructure and marketing.

  • Technology

    What is needed? Who can program it? Where are the synergies? What possibilities are there to use already available market components?

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  • Integration

    In the future, the success of practices/labs will significantly depend on the smooth integration of digital processes.

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  • Infrastructure

    Digitalization means new opportunities in collaboration between dental practices, labs, the dental industry and manufacturing service providers.

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  • Marketing

    I create forms of customer communication.

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  • 3D Printing

    This is a project where r2dental advises on the technical implementation of a 3D printer and slicing software.

  • Parameter: Synchronization

    This is a project where r2dental has taken on the synchronization of digital manufacturing parameters for a group of laboratories.

  • Coaching: Process Management

    This is a project where r2dental trains/supervises employees in dental labs in process management.

Want to Learn More?

Digital transformation is the future topic in many industrial sectors. In dentistry, this transformation will mean a change in the entire workflow for the production of dental prostheses. This not only affects internal processes but also interdisciplinary collaboration and the manufacturing chain.

  • The Prosthesis from the Machine


    This field of dental CAD/CAM technology was more wishful thinking than reality until now. Now, some companies have presented coherent concepts that the authors have examined more closely and compared in this article.

    Download in German
  • Everything from Nothing – 3D Printing in the Dental Field


    The term 3D printing has come into the focus of dental technology. Everything seems to emerge as if from nowhere, without the limitations of milling technology. The application area appears limitless. Through the additive process, three-dimensional bodies can be produced that are only possible with considerable effort or not at all with traditional subtractive manufacturing. But is it really so?

    Download in German
  • Network Structures in Dental Labs


    With increasing digitalization in labs, the question arises about the appropriate server structures. The article describes various solutions with their advantages and disadvantages.

    Download in German
  • Digital Dentistry – Technology, Integration, Infrastructure


    Digital transformation is the future topic in many industrial sectors. In dentistry and dental technology, this transformation can mean a change in the entire workflow for the production of dental prostheses.

    Download in German

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