Support in the development of components/products

What is needed? Who can program it? Where are the synergies? What possibilities are there to use already available market components? Where is the unique selling point? Who is the competitor? These are all questions that seek an answer before and during development. I create networking not only between components but also between people, develop the product specification, and analyze the entire "product habitat".

Camera and measuring devices

Create Consequences

Building Knowledge

Digital data and manufacturing systems as the key to modern dentistry. Digital competence in the future will mean more than being able to operate digital recording device software or CNC machines. Digital competence in handling data and data structures as well as machines will become a prerequisite for controllable and system-independent dentistry. Digital interface management will soon become an essential "tool" of independent dentistry.

CNC processing

Determine Effectiveness

CAM Processing Templates for CNC Processing

Processing strategies form the basis of efficient and high-quality production. Individual templates, tailored to the dental requirements, enable the quality-related difference to competitors.

3D-Drucker Tests

Process-Oriented Integration

Integration of Materials in Dental CAD/CAM Processes

Through the digitalization of work processes, the materials to be processed are not seen as interchangeable individual components in the process chain but as an integral part of the production. The deeper the implementation, the higher the acceptance of their use by the user. Clean integration also allows differentiation from competitor products and makes interchangeability difficult. Coordinated processing strategies, tools and process steps are just as important as defined work steps for further processing.

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