Show What Makes You Proud

I create forms of customer communication. Modern knowledge management requires multimedia information. I provide the content.

Das Meistermodell stirbt, es lebe das Meistermodell

Creating Stories

Content for social media, instructions, brochures, etc.

Attention can be generated through information, contrary to the opinion of marketing agencies favoring cat videos. Content has a more lasting impact than fun. However, this information must be prepared according to the target group.

Work process

Keep an Overview

Marketing Strategy

Which target group? Which content? At what time? In which medium? With which message? And which design? Strategic planning is a holistic concept.

Artikel: Überflüssig oder essenziell? - Bissregistrate im digitalen Workflow

Conceive Substance


The text is mightier than the slogan. I write technical articles because information has a more lasting impact than any advertising.

Precise manufacturing with just a few clicks

Create Interest

Storyboards for webinars or product videos

Everything needs a story. Without this story, there is no passion, no emotion and no lasting identification with a product. I provide these stories, creatively and knowledge-based.

Short videos

Demonstrate Action

Creating Short Videos

A video explains more than a thousand instructions. Dentists and dental technicians are strongly visually oriented. Learning by doing (showing) is a fundamental element of their training. I show (film) how it's done and make the application of products visible.

Photo of a gold tooth

Preserve Emotion

Dental Photography

A picture says more than a hundred words. But pictures also need to tell a story. They must raise questions or create tension, and above all, they must reflect the customer's expectations of dental aesthetics. I was once the target group myself and thus know what "pleases".

Procedure shown and described in a CAD program

Illustrate Teaching

Training Content

Who, how and with what should be trained? What are the contents? How can the training be prepared multimedia? I design your training concept and implement content and media.

Knowledge-Based Marketing

Show what happens when, how, where and why.

Would you like to see realised projects?

The only valid proof of ability is action.