Design Networking

Digitalization means new opportunities in collaboration between dental practices, labs, the dental industry and manufacturing service providers. Simple and distance-independent data transmission creates new offers. Parts of the manufacturing chain can now be easily outsourced to expand capacity or indication. Industrial companies can place their offers along this new infrastructure.


Live Dentistry

Digital Workflow – Creating Indication-Specific Workflow Scenarios

Seeing the indication as a central element from which the breakdown of digital process steps is carried out user-specifically. What must happen in each individual process step to map the desired dental indication? This is the fundamental question underlying the method of indication-specific preparation of workflow scenarios.

Gear and chain

Increase Productivity

Process Optimization

Every process is only as good as its weakest link. Recognizing and eliminating production bottlenecks or inefficiencies means an increase in productivity or quality or even both. An external perspective often allows the necessary "emotionless" view of existing structures and processes, paving the way for the optimal process.

Networked Target Groups

Digital interface management will soon become an essential "tool" of independent dentistry.

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