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Digital expertise


Digital expertise

Digital technologies are having more and more of an influence on the manufacture of dentures. “Thinking” in these digital workflow scenarios is the principle of my consultation. Benefit from the flexible use of professional creativity and know-how about troublesome specialist knowledge. My claim is the realization of integrated, efficient digital process chains.

Design of digital process chains

Thinking in a digitally networked way

The interactions of hardware such as milling systems, 3D printers, 3D scanners with software components such as CAD construction software, planning software, CAM processing software or management software represent a large number of interfaces. Seamless communication at these data interfaces is essential for the usability of the entire system. Be it open, closed or coordinated - interface definition must have the highest priority in digital process development.

Creation of indication-based workflow scenarios

Living dentistry

Seeing the indication as a central element, from which the breakdown of the digital process steps takes place in a user-specific way. What has to be done in order to depict the desired dental indication in each individual process step? This is the basic question which underlies the method for indication-related preparation of workflow scenarios.

Support in developing components / products

Creating consistency

What is required? Who can program it? Where are there synergies? Which options are available for using components that are already on the market? What is the key differentiator? Who is the competition? These are all questions which must be answered before and during development. I achieve networking, not just between components but also between people, work out the product specification and analyze the overall “product living environment”.

Integration of components in existing digital process chains

Combining efficiency

Extending existing process chains with new system components is a central requirement that is made of digital systems. It does not matter whether integration is taking place in your own process chains or external processes, or whether it is at the software-related or mechanical. Perfect coordination is always required in order to generate long-term customer benefit. An innovative market requires proper integration.

Integration of materials in dental CAD/CAM processes

Process-orientated joining

Due to the digitalization of work processes, the materials to be processed must not be regarded as replaceable individual components in the process chain, but as integral constituents of manufacturing. The deeper the implementation that has taken place, the greater the acceptance of its use by the user. Proper integration also makes differentiation from competitor products easier, and makes replaceability more difficult. Coordinated processing strategies, tools and process steps are just as important as defined work steps for further processing when doing this.

CAM machining templates for CNC machining

Conditional effectiveness

Machining strategies form the basis for efficient and high-quality manufacturing. Individual templates, designed in accordance with the dental requirement, make quality-related differentiation from the competition possible.

Process optimization

Increasing productivity

Any process is only as good as its weakest link. Detecting and remedying production bottlenecks or inefficiencies mean increasing productivity, quality or even both. Taking an external view often provides the necessary “emotionless” look at existing structures and processes, therefore paving the way to the optimum process.

Coordinating and carrying out software tests

Living for improvement

Test procedures with users are an important constituent of product development, and are required by law for medical software. In order to exploit the potential of this usage test, systematic test procedures and a practical test environment are required. The product status can be determined objectively by evaluating the results, including a weak point analysis and usability.


Of course, we keep quiet about our collaboration partners and their projects. Our actions alone can provide you with a small overview of our competence.

Customer login portal

is a project whereby r2dental has undertaken to design and implement an Internet-based customer portal for a dental company. An Internet portal has been created in which the customer can register independently and without additional administrative effort, and in which software activation then takes place by means of automatic implementation of an enable code on the design computer. Update management and an integrated CRM module are also integrated in the portal.

Blank visualization

is a project whereby r2dental has undertaken to design and implement a visualization of CAD construction data in multi-layered zirconium oxide blanks.

Full Denture

is a project whereby r2dental is assisting with the set-up of a certifiable QM system for a total prosthetic process.

Facial scan digital workflow

is a project whereby r2dental is supervising the integration of a 3D facial scanner in the treatment planning. CAD system-encompassing implementation is required.

Milling parameters / template

is commissioned work whereby r2dental has undertaken to develop processing strategies for one of the leading dental CAD/CAM systems.

Total prosthesis digital process

is a project whereby r2dental is providing support in an advisory capacity for the design and technical implementation.

Orthodontics digital workflow

is a project whereby r2dental has undertaken to design and implementation of a digital process chain in the orthodontics area.

Prefab crown digital workflow

is a project whereby r2dental has created the design of a digital process chain across different software systems. The digital process extends to facial scans, CAD design, CAM calculations and the implementation of a prefabricated glass ceramic crown.

Dispersion ceramics market launch

is an assignment whereby r2dental has created the concept and the marketing message for a controlled market launch of an innovative, high performance framework ceramic.

Milling parameters / templates

is an assignment whereby r2dental has undertaken the creation of templates for different materials and milling machines in conjunction with the Hyperdent 5-axis processing software.



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    „Ohne Limit- Auswirkungen moderner CAD Systeme“
  • ITI Kongress Köln 08:
    „Wie leistungsfähig sind moderne CAD Systeme“
  • Fortbildung St. Moritz 2008:
    „Fräsen vs. Lasermelting“
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